Welcome to the website for The Hospitality House of Jolysi, a web serial novel about the fantasy world of Jolysi and the people there, particularly those who live and work at the titular Hospitality House. It is a low-key story, favoring tales of exploration, self-discovery, relationships, and everyday life over epic battles and wars against the forces of evil. If that sounds like something you are interested in, then enjoy your stay.

Ready to start reading? Read the latest chapter or go to the archive to start reading from the beginning!

This home page will be updated with various author notes, as well as some contact information at the bottom.

Author’s Note: 3/9/13: Due to real life getting busy, I have unfortunately been unable to update this story in the way I originally wanted to, with each day in the story corresponding to that real-life day. In fact, the entire story has been stalled, as I need to pretty much entirely re-write the next chapter from what my draft originally was.

When this story does start up again, though (I’m aiming for mid-April), it will simply be updated weekly.

Contact Me

While this is not technically my first web serial fiction work, I still consider myself new to the world of writing fiction. As such, constructive criticism in the comments is definitely appreciated. (On the other hand, criticism that is not constructive will just be ignored.) Of course, in addition to letting me know what I’m doing wrong, I would appreciate letting me know what I’m doing right, too, so I can do more of it.

If you wish to contact me by e-mail, you may e-mail me at stardf29@gmail.com. You can also check out my normal, everyday blog at franksunofhawaii.wordpress.com, which features a preview of rough drafts of the first few chapters of this story.


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